The Fund has executed nine investments, which we detail below, and is actively working on a number of other near term opportunities.


  • Finder is a leading fintech platform helping people around the world manage their personal finances and navigate everyday life decisions, such as finding a credit card, buying a home and getting health insurance.
  • Finder has two distinct, but interconnected offerings: 1) Comparison website, with over 10m monthly visits globally; and 2) Finder App, the all-in-one mobile app which allows users to easily see all their bank accounts, manage their money, track their credit score and even buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
  • Finder has grown organically since it was founded in Australia in 2006, and now has a presence in 50+ countries and a long track record of profitability.
  • The Fund committed to investing $30m into Finder in December 2021.


  • Collaboro is a global digital asset management platform that stores, manages, archives and tags large volumes of digital media assets in a serviced cloud environment.
  • Collaboro solves a widespread issue that brands face with creative assets by centralising content, then enriching the content to enable easy searchability and sharing between various parties to facilitate collaboration on a project.
  • Collaboro currently has more than 20 high-quality customers that include blue chip corporates, local governments and education enterprises.
  • The Fund committed to investing $1.7m into Collaboro in November 2021.


  • EncompaaS is a SaaS compliance platform that delivers intelligent, automated governance across all on-premises content repositories, cloud repositories and cloud application services. EncompaaS allows enterprises to better understand and manage their content, adopt new cloud solutions rapidly, support innovation without risk, and make critical business decisions in a compliant manner.
  • The EncompaaS platform was purpose-built for the cloud to address the legacy issues large enterprises faced with existing on-premise solutions.
  • EncompaaS was built on the Microsoft technology stack, and has a range of large enterprise customers across the financial services and government sectors.
  • The Fund has committed $2m to EncompaaS as part of a total $6.5m convertible note.


  • JESI is a cloud-based, mobile workforce management solution.
  • Their application makes the movements of workers safer by ensuring mobile employees are following their itinerary whilst in transit.
  • JESI boasts 41 enterprise customers on its platform including Rio Tinto, Easternwell (a subsidiary of Ventia Group), BHP, Chevron, Downer and Hastings Deering CAT.
  • In April 2020, JESI formed a partnership with In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS), Fleet Complete which services 40,000 enterprise customers and over 600,000 global users.
  • The Fund committed to investing $4.5M into JESI in September 2020.
JESI Management Solutions

Local Measure

  • Local Measure is a customer communications management platform helping businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences by anticipating customer service needs and personalising customer engagement.
  • Local Measure has a close partnership with AWS and has adapted its platform to suit the fast-growing Cloud Contact Centre Software (CCasS) industry.
  • Local Measure is vertical agnostic and services customers in hospitality, financial services, telco, government, retail and e-commerce.
  • The fund committed to investing $2m into Local Measure in July 2022
JESI Management Solutions


  • OpenSparkz is a loyalty platform that simplifies the way customers can access and redeem rewards. The platform helps customers link their payment actions to the membership app to access real time rewards via cashback, virtual vouchers, points or credit.
  • OpenSparkz is one of the only payment linked platforms that provides a highly customisable, plug-and-play platform that can operate any rewards program, end-to-end in any geography.
  • The product is currently in the market and has key customer contracts in retail and banking.
  • The Fund committed to investing $500k into OpenSparkz in April 2022 as part of our R&D strategy
JESI Management Solutions

Safety Indicators

  • Safety Indicators is a cloud-based safety management system focussing an organisation on incident prevention rather than reaction. Their software removes waste and increases a safety professional’s impact to keep the focus on risk identification, corrective action and injury reduction.
  • Safety Indicators is currently based out of South Carolina in the United States with 45 customers across construction, food processing, government, healthcare and manufacturing industries.
  • Future Now Capital sees a large opportunity to expand into the Australian market through a defined distribution strategy alongside our various partners.
  • The Fund committed to investing $4m into Safety Indicators in June 2021.
Safety Indicators. Cloud-based safety management system.


  • SurePact is an innovative SaaS solution that provides a unique suite of risk identification and management modules for the delivery of projects, contracts and grants.
  • SurePact’s solution allows project, contract and grant managers to identify and mitigate risks, increase compliance, improve governance and enhance productivity.
  • The product is currently in the market with customers onboarded across Government, the construction industry and not-for-profit.
  • Customers have recorded significant cost savings of up to 15% achieved through their platform
  • The Fund committed to investing $2m into SurePact in March 2021.
SurePact. Your End-to-end risk management software

Year 13

  • Year13 is the preeminent school leaver advisory platform in Australia servicing more than 1,000 schools with over 1.6m unique interactions per year.
  • Year13 guides students through a bespoke “Post School Plan” which is based on their skills, desires and capabilities to inform the various options they may like to think about when they leave school.
  • The Year13 platform includes advice from over 110 providers such as universities, GAP year options, trades, TAFE courses and industry bodies.
  • Year 13 has a successful model built on engagement over a range of participants to bring students, the education system and post school ecosystem together for youth advantage.
  • The Fund committed to investing $10M into Year13 in January 2021.
Year 13. Find your passion. Plan your future.