Our Approach

Our investment team has strong track record as leaders and enablers of value creating technology enterprises. We’ve brought our heritage of hands-on growth builders of transformational technology companies to Future Now Capital.

Our clear understanding of the market opportunity and the long-term global trends in the technology sector means we get to see many excellent opportunities at the growth stages of their journey.

We also get first access to investment opportunities from the various Microsoft partner programs, meaning we see companies that Microsoft believe are exceptional. We then screen from our commercial perspective and evaluate the fit within our investment mandate.

Future Now Capital’s investment process follows a rigorous private equity style. This typically requires internal approval and then two stages of Investment Committee approval. The process generally takes a few months, but the upside is full accountability of the decisions we make, a clear framework for the investment and exit strategy, and a high level of engagement and understanding with portfolio companies.

Once invested, we typically maintain high levels of engagement and monitoring, for instance often providing practical assistance for portfolio companies navigating the Microsoft global ecosystem. We use our own deep experience of the growth and development journey to mentor and advise managers and their teams as they scale up their business.

Fund #1

Future Now Capital currently has Fund #1 open with over 100 investors with sizeable capital commitments to date. We believe in our selected portfolio companies because they are finding and defining the strategic grounds for disruption and growth. Our portfolio companies are innovators who are developing exciting and transformational services and products at a time of enormous change. We are committed to seeing these great companies grow and realise their potential.

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Follow-On Fund

The FNC Follow-On Fund has recently been launched to back the best performing assets of Fund 1, with an ultimate focus on generating exceptional risk-adjusted returns on an accelerated timeline.

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